What are examples of current and non-current assets and liabilities? (2024)

What are examples of current and non-current assets and liabilities?

Examples of current assets include cash, marketable securities, cash equivalents, accounts receivable, and inventory. Examples of noncurrent assets include long-term investments, land, intellectual property and other intangibles, and property, plant, and equipment (PP&E).

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What are current liabilities and noncurrent assets?

Current liabilities are due within a year and are often paid for using current assets. Non-current liabilities are due in more than one year and most often include debt repayments and deferred payments.

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What are examples of current liabilities?

Some examples of current liabilities that appear on the balance sheet include accounts payable, payroll due, payroll taxes, accrued expenses, short-term notes payable, income taxes, interest payable, accrued interest, utilities, rental fees, and other short-term debts.

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What are 10 liabilities?

Accounts payable, notes payable, accrued expenses, long-term debt, deferred revenue, unearned revenue, contingent liabilities, lease obligations, pension liabilities, and income taxes payable are the ten types of liabilities in accounting that provide information about a company's financial obligations and ...

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What are 4 examples of non-current liabilities?

Noncurrent liabilities include debentures, long-term loans, bonds payable, deferred tax liabilities, long-term lease obligations, and pension benefit obligations.

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What are the 5 examples of non-current assets?

Here are some examples of non-current assets:
  • Land.
  • Office buildings.
  • Manufacturing plants.
  • Vehicles.
  • Natural resources.
  • Investments, like bonds.
  • Patents and trademarks.
  • Equipment.
Aug 15, 2022

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What is an example of a current asset and a current liability?

Current assets include cash, debtors, bills receivable, short-term investments, and so on. Current liabilities include bank overdrafts, creditors, bills payable, and so on.

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What are non current liabilities?

What is a Non-Current Liability? A non-current liability refers to the financial obligations in a company's balance sheet that are not expected to be paid within one year. Non-current liabilities are due in the long term, compared to short-term liabilities, which are due within one year.

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What are non current assets?

A non-current asset is an asset that the company acquires or invests, but the value of that investment does not recur within an accounting year. These type of investments lasts for long and cannot be easily liquidated into cash and can generate economic benefits to the company for more than a year.

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What are 9 current liabilities?

The most common current liabilities found on the balance sheet include accounts payable; short-term debt such as bank loans or commercial paper issued to fund operations; dividends payable; notes payable—the principal portion of outstanding debt; the current portion of deferred revenue, such as prepayments by customers ...

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What are the current assets liabilities?

Current assets are those that can be converted into cash within one year, while current liabilities are obligations expected to be paid within one year. Examples of current assets include cash, inventory, and accounts receivable.

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What are 2 types of liabilities?

Types of liability & examples

As mentioned above, liabilities are divided into two different categories: current and non-current. Current liabilities have a short term or maturity (1 year or less). Non- current liabilities represent long-term obligations that have a maturity of more than one year.

What are examples of current and non-current assets and liabilities? (2024)
What are basic liabilities?

In accounting, liabilities are funds due to purchasing an item, such as a loan used to purchase new office equipment or to pay costs, which are ongoing payments for something with no physical worth or for a service. A monthly corporate mobile phone charge is an example of an expense.

What is the most common form of non current liabilities?

Non Current Liabilities Examples:
  • Debentures.
  • Bonds payable.
  • Long-term loans.
  • Deferred tax liabilities.
  • Long-term lease.
  • Pension benefit obligations.
  • Deffered Revenue.
Oct 10, 2020

What are some examples of non assets?

Non-current assets may be tangible (like physical property) or intangible (like intellectual property). Key categories of non-current assets include property, plant & equipment (PP&E); investments; goodwill; and “other” intangible assets.

What are current assets examples?

Current assets include cash, cash equivalents, accounts receivable, stock inventory, marketable securities, pre-paid liabilities, and other liquid assets. The Current Assets account is important because it demonstrates a company's short-term liquidity and ability to pay its short-term obligations.

Are salaries payable current or noncurrent?

Salaries Payable is also a current liability, because the salaries will have to be paid on the next pay day.

How do you record non current liabilities?

Inputting Non-Current Liability Amounts

Non-current liabilities must be listed separately from current liabilities on the balance sheet to ensure a clear understanding of a company's short-term and long-term obligations.

What are the 5 current and non current assets?

Examples of current assets include cash, marketable securities, cash equivalents, accounts receivable, and inventory. Examples of noncurrent assets include long-term investments, land, intellectual property and other intangibles, and property, plant, and equipment (PP&E).

What are assets vs liabilities?

In its simplest form, your balance sheet can be divided into two categories: assets and liabilities. Assets are the items your company owns that can provide future economic benefit. Liabilities are what you owe other parties. In short, assets put money in your pocket, and liabilities take money out!

What are the six assets?

When we speak about assets in accounting, we're generally referring to six different categories: current assets, fixed assets, tangible assets, intangible assets, operating assets, and non-operating assets. Your assets can belong to multiple categories.

What are the three types of non-current assets?

These types of assets cannot easily be converted into cash and are not expected to become cash within one accounting year. There are three major categories that non-current assets fall into. These are tangible assets, intangible assets, and natural resources.

What are the most common non-current assets?

Noncurrent assets traditionally include real estate properties, manufacturing plants, equipment, and other tangible or fixed physical items that are highly illiquid because they can't be expeditiously sold for cash.

What does non-current mean?

not happening or being used or made at the present time: I allow a couple of days to go by (so the date of the files is non-current) and then I delete them. The service provides quality parts for all our current and noncurrent product lines. Fewer examples.

Is goodwill is a current asset?

Is goodwill a current asset? No, goodwill is a long-term asset, also known as a noncurrent asset. Current assets are those that your company will consume or sell within one year. Goodwill cannot be sold, and its value lasts beyond one year, which makes it long term.


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