How does financial infidelity cause divorce? (2024)

How does financial infidelity cause divorce?

Financial infidelity is a common reason for divorce today. For starters, it can damage a couple monetarily, leading to challenges in meeting financial goals and building a secure future together.

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How does financial problems lead to divorce?

Money problems often put a strain on other areas of the relationship as well. For example, couples may fight more often or have difficulty communicating. One spouse may feel like they're always working and not able to enjoy their life outside of work. This can lead to feelings of resentment and frustration.

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What is the damage of financial infidelity?

Of course, if you're married or cohabiting, financial infidelity can have significant financial effects too. Keeping information about funds from a spouse can result in them falling into debt, having to help repay your debts, or even losing their home in cases where arrears are kept quiet.

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How does infidelity contribute to divorce?

While cheating and adultery will not affect your ability to divorce, it certainly can determine if the divorce no-fault or fault. Additionally, adultery can also have an impact on the decisions made during the divorce process, including alimony and property division.

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Can you sue your spouse for financial infidelity?

If your spouse secretly opened an account and incurred debt while conducting an affair or compulsively shopping for their own ends, you may be able to make a claim to the courts that your lack of awareness of the debt and the fact that it only benefited your spouse means that the debt isn't marital property subject to ...

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What is the #1 cause of divorce?

Lack of commitment is the most common reason given by divorcing couples according to a recent national survey. Here are the reasons given and their percentages: Lack of commitment 73%

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What is the #1 cause of divorce in America?

Lack of Commitment Is the Most Common Reason for Divorce

In fact, 75% of individuals and couples cited lack of commitment as the reason for their divorce.

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What is financial abuse in divorce cases and why does it matter?

It can be defined as the use of a person's money or finances without their knowledge or consent in order to gain power and control over them. This type of abuse is often overlooked because it does not involve physical violence or verbal abuse.

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Is financial infidelity as bad as cheating?

A survey by found that 39% of adults who are married, in a civil partnership, or living together admit to having kept a financial secret from their partner. 52% of the respondents say financial cheating is just as bad as physical cheating. 12% say it's actually worse.

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How do you fix a marriage after financial infidelity?

How to Recover from Financial Infidelity
  1. 6 practical ways you can address financial infidelity in your relationship: ...
  2. Acknowledge what's been compromised. ...
  3. Be honest and come clean. ...
  4. Understand your own value system around finances. ...
  5. Examine your relationship. ...
  6. Listen without judgement. ...
  7. Strive for transparency.

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Is financial infidelity a deal breaker?

If you have a credit card balance that you have never revealed to your partner, a secret savings account slush fund or a weakness for $20 chocolatinis, you may be committing financial infidelity. Hiding debts and impulse buys from loved ones can break a relationship, according to several recent surveys and studies.

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How does infidelity ruin a marriage?

Infidelity causes grief and relational problems to the individual, the couple and even their offspring. It was found to be associated with depression, anxiety and even PTSD, leading to divorce [42,69,70].

How does financial infidelity cause divorce? (2024)
Why does a cheating wife not want a divorce?

No matter what happens next, remember that there could be any number of reasons why your wife doesn't want to get divorced – maybe fear of judgement from society, fear of financial instability or simply because she still loves you despite being unfaithful – so don't jump into any conclusions just yet until you ...

Why not to divorce after infidelity?

If your spouse is apologetic and truly wants to work on the marriage with you, examining your quality of life might be one reason not to divorce after the affair. Things to consider include how the divorce will impact other aspects of the relationship, such as money, possessions, travel, retirement, and more.

Can you go to jail for financial infidelity?

While financial infidelity may not constitute a criminal offense, it carries significant legal consequences, particularly in the realm of divorce. Its impact on the division of assets, child custody, and alimony awards underlines the legal weight that such deceit carries in family law.

Should you forgive financial infidelity?

“If you want the relationship to work out, you're going to have to forgive and move on,” Harzog says. “That's hard when you have been betrayed, but if you want to save your relationship, you will have to take some steps to do so.”

Does infidelity matter in a divorce settlement?

One of the ways that cheating can impact a divorce settlement is through spousal support. If one spouse can prove that the other was unfaithful, the court may take that into consideration when deciding on the amount and duration of spousal support. In some cases, the court may even deny spousal support altogether.

Why do people commit financial infidelity?

There are many reasons people might hide some or all of their spending from their partner. Olson suggests some people commit financial infidelity as a way of reclaiming autonomy in the relationship; they use spending as a means of reasserting their power.

What are red flags of financial infidelity?

Some warning signs your partner may be financially unfaithful include: Acting secretive about money and finances. Being protective of their wallet, financial statements, and accounts. Unexplained expenditures or withdrawals.

Why did I commit financial infidelity?

For those who admitted to financial infidelity, here are their reasons for not being honest with their partners about money: 37% said privacy and/or control over their finances was their motivation. 33% said the topic never came up and/or they never felt the need to share.

What year of marriage is divorce most common?

Most divorces happen between year three and year seven of marriage. Just 4% of couples divorce after 10 years of marriage.

Who initiates divorce 2023?

Statistically, women are more likely to file for divorce. A study by the American Sociological Association found that women initiate about 70% of divorces. However, it's important to note that this doesn't reflect the gender distribution of divorced individuals overall, which is more evenly split.

How many marriages end because of money?

According to a recent survey of 191 CDFA professionals from across North America, the three leading causes of divorce are "basic incompatibility" (43%), "infidelity" (28%), and "money issues" (22%).

Which gender initiates divorce more?

In the United States, women typically initiate divorce more often than men on average, with more than two-thirds of all divorces filed by women.

What are hardest years of marriage?

Years 5–8: Very Risky

Here are the reasons why this phase represents some of the hardest years of marriage: Small children need a lot of care and attention, and juggling between housekeeping and work becomes a very tough task, leading to differences and resentment.


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