The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Mod Repository (2024)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Modification Repository

<<- Last Update With Relevant Changes: July 26, 2023 (Update DynamicFPS and No Loot Boxes) ->>

This is a collection of useful mods I am sharing with everyone so they can know which mods exist and easily install in an organized manner. All mods are separate and named to provide an abundance of information at a glance.

This collection attempts to provide what I consider the most useful mods, but does not contain everything that the HolographicWings collection does. This is another great resource for TotK mods so check it out too and decide which better fits your needs.


  • Click here to start downloading the latest release immediately.
  • You can also check the Releases page for a download link.
  • Alternatively, click the green Code button, and click Download Zip.


Provide users with an easy method to select which mods they want to use. Mods are broken into eight categories.

  • Essential: Mods that I consider to be essential in enhancing graphics. User may pick any and/or all mods here.
  • Resolution: Native resolution. Modes are: 1280x720, 1440x810, 1792x1008, 1920x1080. Only one mod should be selected. Users with a 1440p screen should be fine with 1008p and 2x Internal Resolution in the emulator.
  • FPS: The maximum framerate. Modes are: 20 FPS, 30 FPS, or 60 FPS. Only one mod should be selected. Used in conjunction with Dynamic FPS from Essential mods. Without it, gameplay will slowdown when FPS drops.
  • Shadows: Modes are: 256x256, 512x512, and 1024x1024 resolution. Only one mod should be selected.
  • Controller & Black Screen Fix: Controller mods come with black screen fix, or black screen fix can be selected alone. Only one mod should be selected. Alternatively, go use the Any Aspect Ratio tool to create your own aspect ratio, controller mod, with black screen fix.
  • Fog: Options to minimize or disable fog. Only one mod should be selected, unless using Serfrost's Defogger which may be combined with an interior addon. This is optional, and other fog mods already include interior fog so don't combine them.
  • Sky Island Fix: Fixes lines around floating islands in the distance. Choose the version that matches the emulator's selected internal resolution multiplier.
  • Other Mods: Mods to enhance gameplay or make things faster. All of these are mods are completely optional.
  • Cheats: Game too hard or you aren't having fun? Some cheats might liven things up. All cheats are obviously optional. AFAIK, they are in a Yuzu compatible format and won't work with Ryujinx. Go here for Ryujinx.


  • A simplified modpack that includes what I consider to be the essential mods offered in an organized manner.
  • Links to all mods, their creator, and their licenses are provided with this collection.
  • Most "romfs" mods are licensed under "CC BY-NC-ND 4.0", which allows sharing them in any medium or format.
  • The restictions are that credit must be given, a link to the license included, and changes be made aware of.
  • The mods covered under this license can not be sold for profit, and no derivatives can be created from them.
  • This pack makes no attempt to modify the mods, but redistribute them in a way that complies with their licenses.
  • An argument could be made that including them in a "modpack" could qualify this as a "remix". The counter argument to this is that several other modpacks and various places on the internet also include the majority of the mods here, and its not a modpack that the user can just extract and install with a drag and drop. All mods are provided in their original form: no modifications by me.
  • This collection is not a work that attempts to create a new work, each mod stands on their own and are not dependent on and may conflict with other mods. Conscious choice needs to be made on what mods are selected by the user. The included ReadMe contains what files each romfs mod modifies.
  • With all that said, if a mod creator does not wish to have their mods included, I will remove them from future packs and instead just provide users with a link to the mod in their place IF I find their argument reasonable. Something like "I don't want my mod in there because I don't like you" or "this just creates confusion or competition" is not a good reason to deprive users of choice. While removing mods would be less convenient for everyone, I intend to comply with the authors and their respective mods and licenses.
  • With all that legalese out of the way, I hope this is useful to you, the user who has downloaded this modpack.

Aspect Ratio Mods

I am not supplying Aspect Ratio mods as there is a fantastic tool by fayaz12g to generate a mod using your preferred aspect ratio, a controller mod, and a black screen fix. That tool is called Any Aspect Ratio and can be used as an alternative to the controller/black screen fix mods found here, on gamebanana, or anywhere else. Currently modifying aspect ratios can be complicating due to several romfs mods all attempting to edit the same files. This tool easily solves that problem by editing them all at once!


  • I do not create these mods, I am merely offering them in a way that is simple for the user to make use of.
  • If you have any issues with the mods, I suggest notifying their respective creator and alerting them of the issue.
  • The whole collection can be downloaded from Releases or via the green "Code" button as a ZIP file. I have added the last time it was updated with relevant changes to the top of this page so users know when something significant was added/modified.
  • While I will accept issues and pull requests, they should only be made to alert me of or commit updated mods. I do not promise I will be actively updating this repository but I will try to at least keep it somewhat updated.
  • I highly encourage checking the links in the Credits section as the authors of the mods may have more up-to-date versions than what is provided here. It's also a good way to engage with the creators and offer support.
  • This pack was not made to compete with existing modpacks such as the pack by HolographicWings or the collection by Jazzverso, but provide an alternative for those that wish to have complete control over their mods by keeping each module separate. This modpack also prefers to provide exefs versions of mods over romfs versions if possible to avoid the potential for mod conflicts.

Credits / Links


All mods are covered under their respective licenses. Licensed mods have a copy of the license included in their folder, and are included in the ReadMe found in the mods folder.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Mod Repository (2024)
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