Chained in Hellfire - Chapter 12 - OurLadyGrem (2024)

Chapter Text

It takes a little while for Stolas and Blitzø to recover. For a few more weeks, they stay in the hospital to recuperate, but Stolas barely ever leaves Blitzø’s side. He only returns to his own private ward for any necessary tests and routine checkups, but since he’s a powerful Goetia and an immortal being, his healing process doesn’t take long at all. His bandages remain for a while longer for precautionary reasons, but his injuries fade fairly quickly. Doctors tell him that he’s able to check out of the hospital since there’s nothing more they need to do for him.

However, Blitzø still needs more time and more tests done before he can leave. So, Stolas leaves his private quarters and opts to remain in Blitzø’s room… sleeping on the chair by his bedside on some nights. He’s too reluctant to leave him alone. He’s still fearful of something happening to Blitzø if he’s not by his side. He becomes a whole new level of protective.

During this time, Blitzø tells Stolas about what happened to him. When he recounts the confrontation he had with Paimon, insurmountable rage builds within the depths of Stolas. The longer Blitzø goes on, describing everything that happened, Stolas’ fury can barely be withheld. His feathers flicker into burning embers, as if he’s on the edge of transforming into his beast form, and he’s holding onto the smallest piece of thread to stay calm and retain his sanity.

But it doesn’t last. Stolas can’t stand listening to another minute of Blitzø retelling the story of getting hurt. Especially by the one demon that Stolas promised he’d protect him from. In a blinding fit of rage, Stolas stands to his feet, and the white-hot pinprick pupils in his eyes tremble from the sheer amount of fury rising from his stomach.

His hands lift to the air and he’s about to summon a portal, but Blitzø can predict what he’s about to do. He throws himself over Stolas, physically restraining him before he can do anything further.

“Christ on a stick, Stolas!! Calm the f*ck down!! Be rational!!” Blitzø begs him, practically clawing into Stolas’ back and using every bit of strength he has to hold Stolas down. He can feel Stolas fighting the urge to shove him away, but Blitzø won’t let him. His voice softens, “Listen. Don’t worry about it, alright? There’s nothing else you can do. Going after him won’t make things any better, it’ll just make the situation worse. And, y’know… I’m fine now. I’m not hurt anymore. You’re with me now, aren’t you? I’m alright…”

Stolas is silent for a moment. He allows Blitzø’s words to ease his mind, and slowly, his anger subsides. Blitzø can feel Stolas’ muscles relax and unwind in his arms. Then, a heavy sigh passes his lips. Melancholy sets in.

“I just… I hate that I’ve failed you. I hate it so much. I broke my promise… I said I’d protect you from my father, and I… I f*cked up…”

“It’s fine, Stolas–”

“It’s not fine.” He says, bringing Blitzø close into a soft embrace, holding back tears. “It’ll never be fine. Even if you’ve forgiven me, I’ll never forgive myself. From now on, you have my word that I’ll always protect you. No matter what. I’ll do what it takes to keep you safe. My love…”

His voice trails away as he tightens his embrace, just so that he can feel Blitzø’s heartbeat crash against his own. He feels safe and comforted like this. There's no longer any need for words to fill the air when they can sense it in this intimacy.

A gentle calm falls upon them. Ever since they've let their feelings be known, they've both shifted and settled into a comfortable space where only the two of them reside. It's like building their own world, a subspace they enter whenever they're together. It's beautiful and exciting. The love – the f*cking love – this is only the beginning.

Blitzø can feel it all the time now. During the long nights where his trauma haunts his dreams, and he wakes in a sweat and terror is all he can feel, Stolas is already there in his hospital bed. Holding him until he calms down. These moments mean absolutely everything. When he experiences post-traumatic stress, he feels as though he's reliving the heights of extreme abuse all over again… it’s absolutely horrific. Blitzø feels embarrassed to expose this side of himself to Stolas. He only wants to be the best version of himself around him, but his trauma runs too deep, and the parts he feels are the most broken are ripped open and exposed. However, there's never a point where Stolas makes him feel ashamed of himself. Rather, he proves over and over to be a solid pillar for Blitzø to lean on.

That support… his unwavering love… it's everything. It's everything.

After a while, Blitzø has healed enough to finally be able to check out of the hospital. Stolas has returned to the palace to continue his work, though he texts Blitzø whenever he has the time. At the desk on the way out, that's when Blitzø discovers that Stolas has paid for all his medical bills. He never asked him to, and he breathes a sigh of relief once he knows he doesn't have to worry about it… but he's left feeling complicated and strange about it. Times like these are still glaring reminders about the differences between them and the worlds they come from. Regardless of now being aware of each other's feelings, Blitzø can't ignore this significant aspect of their relationship.

So, when he exits the hospital after weeks of recovery, he's greeted by his daughter in the parking lot. Loona has luckily managed to recover their van after Striker stole it. Blitzø deeply exhales when he sees it intact. In the backseat, Moxxie and Millie poke their heads from the window and greet him.

“Good to see you doing well, sir.”

“Yeah, as well as I can be after eating nothing but sh*t hospital food for weeks on end…”

“That's why we're all here, Blitzø! We figured you could do with some actual food after being trapped in there for so long!” Millie cheerfully says, beckoning him. “C’mon, I know a great place we can go to!”

Soon enough, Millie directs them to a place nearby. It's casual enough where they can just walk in and grab a table at a booth by the window. Blitzø orders a lot of his usual favourites from the menu to build up his appetite again, and while they wait for their food to arrive, Blitzø catches them all up with everything that’s happened.

He tells them about Paimon’s visit that started everything off, though he leaves out the details of Paimon’s threats. Then, he explains how he got kidnapped soon after by an extremist group, and how Blitzø was specifically targeted for his involvement with Stolas. As he goes on to describe Striker and the intentions of the group he was a part of, everyone around the table passes each other a wary glance. They all look incredibly apprehensive.

Moxxie begins first. “That sounds terrible, sir. You’ve been through so much in such a short amount of time. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling… does that mean you’ve broken things off with Stolas now?”

“Hm? Oh no. No, we’re together now.” Blitzø says nonchalantly.

Everyone’s eyes widened. The entire group is shocked.

There’s an awkward silence as a couple of waiters suddenly show up and plaster the table with all the food they ordered. Moxxie doesn’t break his gaze away from Blitzø for a second, and he’s utterly floored by how unbothered Blitzø seems to be. He’s so carefree as he happily grabs the utensils and peers around all the plates in front of him. His eyes become starry and glossy with glee as he slides his favourite dish across the table to place it beneath him. He’s tasted it a thousand times over and it always tastes the same, but he’s excited for it anyway.

Given the horrific events he’s just been through… he’s acting as though it’s no big deal at all. Everyone’s in disbelief.

“Wait, sir… what’d you mean ‘together’? Do you mean, like… you’re official?”

“Mm, yeah. That’s what it means, yeah.” Blitzø says, more concerned with eating now than anything else.

Millie brushes her hair back, careful with her words as she chimes in. “I’m happy for you, Blitzø… the two of you always seemed happy together… but aren’t you guys worried that you might end up being targeted again? Hell isn’t the kind of society that’ll be open-minded about this kind of thing…”

“Sure, we’ve talked about it. I just don’t see the point in worrying about it. Anyone who dares to interfere again will just end up getting butchered. In case you’ve forgot, I’m a f*cking trained assassin. And I’m very good at my job.” Blitzø grins, confidence bloating in his chest. “And if anyone even tries to go after the three of you… it won’t be quick and painless for them. So just chill the f*ck out, guys. I won’t let any of you become collateral damage. My f*cked up life choices are my own to deal with.”

“Whatever. Just try not to f*ck it up.” Loona tells him, completely deadpan.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“Well, sir, as we always do in all our endeavours – contractually or otherwise – you have our unwavering support. Far be it from me to criticise something as harmless as falling in love. I know for a fact that, sometimes, you really can’t help who your heart wants. Logic and reason will play no role in it. Once you’ve found the one you want to be with… you just know it.”

As Moxxie says this, he lays his hand over his wife’s palm and holds it gently. Millie gazes back at him, and they’re caught up in their own world where they don’t have to say anything. Love just emanates from their eyes.

Blitzø watches them from afar… and suddenly acknowledges an apparent shift within him. Before, whenever he saw the pair become affectionate in front of him, Blitzø felt an obsessive need to be near it, and in some ways, tried to fit into it. He always wanted to know what it was like. He wanted to know how it really felt to truly love another person like they do. They were like some kind of beautiful concept that encompassed everything that Blitzø wanted. He knew he chased the shadow of it in shallow relationships and one-night stands… but the idea of actually pursuing something close to that realm was too intimidating… too real… with a risk that could truly be the end of him…

But then… he met Stolas. His walls came crashing down and he fell in love with him.

Now when he looks over at Moxxie and Millie, there’s a strange new sense. He understands them. That’s never been something he’s ever experienced. All the unpleasant feelings that once sat in his stomach before, churning with jealousy and resentment and yearning… it’s like they’ve been washed away overnight. Now, a new feeling resides within him, and it’s warm. Comforting. Fulfilling.

He thinks of Stolas and he wants to hold his hand. They were together not too long ago but Blitzø is already missing him. In his mind, he’s picturing Stolas’ soft smile as he holds out his arm, stretching his long fingers towards him, and Blitzø wants nothing more right now than to fit his hand perfectly into his. Holding him tight. Never wanting to let go.

Blitzø looks around the restaurant. He blinks slowly, suddenly finding that the morning lighting looks strange. The light streaming in through the windows appears soft, emanating warm tones across the whole room. Gentle dust settling in the air seemingly sparkles within the sunrays. There’s quiet, muffled music coming from a nearby radio, with romantic lyrics that Blitzø feels somehow closer to understanding.

It finally hit him. Everything is different now. The world is just a little brighter. There’s a beauty in everything. It’s as though his lens has completely shifted, and he’s looking at familiar things completely anew. There’s parts of him that feel healed in places where he didn’t realise he hurt.

And… more than anything… there’s a part of himself that doesn't feel like it belongs solely to him anymore. It doesn’t feel stolen. He gives it away willingly. He wants Stolas to have him. He wants to belong to Stolas, and he wants Stolas to belong to him.

Now they’re together, it’s slowly dawning on Blitzø how satisfying it truly feels to have those needs met. Everything he’s wanted, yearned for, desperately craved in the deepest parts of his soul that he kept locked away for so long… it’s here. He can love. He can be loved. He can… because Stolas allows him to.

Blitzø takes a bite out of his food. A tear threatens to escape the corner of his eye.

Not even this tastes the same.

Later in the evening, Stolas is freshening up in his bathroom. He shifts his robe on, though he doesn't bother adjusting it as it slips from his shoulders and hangs from his forearms. His feathers are freshly fluffed after a long soak in the bath, and they shimmer beneath the violet ethereal candlelight scattered around the room. He feels better overall. The day dragged on for too long. Work swamped him, but he's steadily catching up on everything he's missed since he's been preoccupied at the hospital. Now that he’s done with work, he can relax for the rest of his evening.

As he emerges from the bathroom and walks into his bedroom, he hears a knocking at the door. Instinctively he turns to the side, expecting his butler to enter. But the sound came from the opposite side. He flips his focus and peers towards the balcony doors. From there, he hears it again. Three impatient knocks against the doorframe.

His heart flips. Quickly, Stolas shuffles over and grabs the handles. When he swings the doors open, he glances down. As if seeing him for the first time all over again, the moment slows, and an abundance of feelings flourish as he looks at Blitzø.

It’s like he falls in love once more.

“Hi…” Stolas breathes.

There's a small glint in Blitzø’s eyes. He smirks knowingly, his grin growing wider as the intention of his visit becomes more obvious the longer he drags his gaze over Stolas’ long figure.

Wasting no time, and before Stolas has a chance to say anything, Blitzø grabs Stolas by the waist and throws him inside. Slamming the doors shut behind him, Stolas stumbles backwards until he's knocked off his feet. He trips on to the floor, propping himself up by his elbows. Blitzø is quick – he traps Stolas to the ground, stretching the short length of his body over him and clasps at his shoulders. Once he's caught in his hands, Blitzø reaches down and captures his lips in a kiss.

He's rushing. There’s no patience in this. He's been waiting for it all day. Blitzø has been aching to feel this, finding every passing hour unbearable with only Stolas on his mind. It's like the taste of him is never enough. Stolas makes him feel so much, and it all feels so incredibly good. Blitzø wants to devour him entirely. Wanting this to keep going… on and on… always feeling this amazing from now on…

Stolas welcomes it. He cradles Blitzø’s face as he lets Blitzø overpower him with kisses. He's relentless, and too overwhelming to resist. The way that Blitzø frantically desires him makes Stolas feel so loved. Even more so now that he truly knows Blitzø’s feelings for him. Every time Blitzø shapes his mouth around his, taking control of their movements and excitedly stealing his breath away, Stolas can feel how much he’s affecting him… he’s never been wanted so desperately like this. Stolas’ heart soars. He clings on to Blitzø even more, unwilling to release his face from his hands just yet until they’re both satisfied.

Although Blitzø had meant this just as a greeting kiss, and a prelude for everything else to come… they just can’t stop kissing. Everything about this just feels so good. There’s so much that can be said that a kiss can just replace – a thousand ways of expressing love can be felt by the touch of their lips. They’re fervent and heated, as if they’re desperate to let each other know how they feel and words aren’t enough. There’s no more pretence, no more effort to suppress their feelings… there’s no way they can withhold it anymore. Their hearts are on their tongues.

After some time, they eventually come to a slow pace. Blitzø was so intense and delirious that he hadn’t realised he had pushed Stolas entirely to the ground, and they were laying flat on the ground just kissing and kissing. He breaks apart, a string of saliva connecting their lips together until it snaps, and Blitzø hovers over Stolas just to look at him. Already, Stolas looks so tempting. He’s been thoroughly kissed… thoroughly loved… a beautiful blush paints over his pale face and his gaze is heavy-lidded. He’s dazed with desire and adoration. Stolas looks so pretty like this…

So cute… so pretty…

Blitzø’s heart swells with so much love.

“Hey…” Blitzø finally replies, and brushes his fingers through the mess of his feathers. The moment he notices how fluffy Stolas feels, it sends a shudder through his body. He feels so nice… it’s another aspect of Stolas that he really loves.

“How are you, my darling? Do you feel alright? How are your wounds?” Stolas asks, gradually sitting up and taking Blitzø into his arms. His palms lightly touch over Blitzø’s body, tracing where his injuries hide beneath his clothes.

But Blitzø won’t allow the amorous mood to subside. His racing heartbeat is making him too excited. He’s bursting with feelings, and he absolutely has to express it the best way he knows how.

Interrupting Stolas’ coherent train of thought, Blitzø bends forward and kisses Stolas’ neck. His mouth moves sensually over his skin, and a trembling sigh escapes Stolas’ lips.

“I’m alright, Stolas. But that doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t you rather focus on… something else instead?”

“Ah… ahh…” A pleasant shiver runs through the entire length of his body. Blitzø is too convincing like this. Too irresistible. Stolas’ mouth hangs open, his mind drifting as he gives in to pleasure. Despite this, he attempts to sound coherent. “I… ahh… I’d still rather… like to know if you… if you’re… um… ohh…”

Blitzø works his mouth around the most sensitive part of Stolas’ neck, while his hands roam the contours of his body. Stolas can barely concentrate anymore. He’s at Blitzø’s mercy, and he’d let him do whatever he wanted to him. All of this just feels so incredibly good. His thoughts drift away until he’s just a mass of desire. His whole body feels like it’s been lit on fire. Everywhere Blitzø touches just becomes fragile and sensitive, especially as his hands slip beneath the material of his loose robe.

Blitzø licks his neck. An intense shiver surges through him, and a familiar heavy feeling builds deep in his core. Stolas brushes his beak across Blitzø’s cheek and whispers,

“Take me to bed, Blitzø… hurry, please…”

Blitzø’s eyes grow dark as he keenly obliges. He’s just as stirred up as Stolas. He can’t wait to have him writhing beneath him. He’s been impatient to have him in his arms… and now he’s here, Blitzø is worked up to a frenzy.

Their lips connect again, and Blitzø prizes Stolas’ mouth open to invade him with tongue. While kissing him deeply, Blitzø picks Stolas up by the waist. He handles him as if he weighs nothing. When Stolas spreads the span of his fingers across Blitzø’s chest, Stolas can feel his firm muscles stretching beneath his clothes. For such a small frame, Blitzø is so well-built… his body just turns Stolas on even more.

Guiding them both to the bed, neither of them break apart from kissing for a moment as Stolas is placed over the blankets and laid gently with his head against the pillows. Not wanting to part just yet, Stolas holds Blitzø tight as his arms wrap around his shoulders, pressing him close to his body. Blitzø lays on top of him, and the weight of him feels so comforting. His physical presence reminds Stolas that he’s really his. Stolas wants to feel more of him… he wants this to feel more real, just to convince himself that this isn’t a dream. Gradually, Stolas allows some room to finally breathe as his hands slip around to the front, and slowly, he works through the buttons of Blitzø’s jacket.

Suddenly, something shifts. Stolas is careful in the way he peels the layers away from Blitzø’s body. The heated air changes, and now the atmosphere feels delicate. Blitzø is hyper-aware of it. His entire form stiffens in reaction. The moment he’s stripped bare, and Stolas lays his eyes on the entirety of Blitzø’s naked body – still bruised and battered from before – Blitzø finally realises what’s happening with him.

He’s vulnerable. His wounds are exposed. His heart is on the line. Everything that he is – his flaws and imperfections – are laid bare for Stolas to see… deeper than just physically. For the first time, Blitzø’s confidence wavers in a way it never has… before he even realises, his hands come up to his chest, as if to cover himself…

But Stolas won’t let him retreat. Rather, he wants Blitzø to know how beautiful he perceives him. He truly loves all of Blitzø’s curves and edges. Carefully, Stolas takes hold of Blitzø’s wrists, slipping them into his palms like they were fragile glass. From there, they lock eyes. Blitzø’s eyes are glistening, trembling with turbulent emotion. He’s never felt like this before… he doesn’t know how to handle it… this deep level of intimacy, it’s truly terrifying…

But then he looks at Stolas… and he feels nothing but warmth. Acceptance. Stolas smiles so softly, so assuredly. He looks at Blitzø like he’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. He holds Blitzø as if he’s just so dear to him. And just like that… the fear subsides. His worries are no longer there. Stolas has silently put them to rest. The only thing that matters is that Stolas loves him… wholly, truly…

After all these years, all this time of being so unbearingly frightened by the prospect of this intimacy… Stolas has so easily wiped it all away. A very deep part of Blitzø feels healed. As if a wound that can’t be seen has finally closed.

Grateful and so very full of feelings for him, Blitzø takes hold of Stolas’ face, gently stroking the curve of his cheek with his thumb. Then, he leans forward, and presses his forehead against his. Stolas winds his arms around Blitzø’s body, holding him close. For a short while, they stay like this. Simply breathing. Present in each other’s arms. Sensitive to every touch. Allowing their hearts to truly feel this, open and bare… giving themselves to each other… love filling them completely.

When the moment feels right, Blitzø tilts his head and kisses Stolas again. The desperate pace from earlier has dissolved to a gentle slow movement. He purposely prolongs each kiss between them, as if the heavy emotion attached to it feels too much to rush through. But as a sigh passes Stolas’ lips, laden with satisfaction, Blitzø is crazed by an uncontrollable need to throw all of these emotions at him. Stolas needs to know exactly how he makes him feel. But words will never suffice.

And they’re both so horrendously touch-starved of each other’s embrace.

Blitzø kisses Stolas so deeply that Stolas completely loses himself in it. Blitzø practically lifts Stolas’ head from the pillows, and Stolas is so unbelievably under Blitzø’s spell that he barely notices how his robe slips completely away from him. His eyes are glazed, and he’s mindless from all the feelings that Blitzø evokes out of him. A groan is heard leaking out of Blitzø’s mouth as he feels just as controlled by emotion and desire. Now that Stolas’ robe is pushed to the side, there’s nothing left to come between them. They’re both naked. Equally vulnerable.

The air becomes heady, and they’re both longing for each other. Coarse moans striking against wet lips is all they can hear. Blitzø pushes his body up against him, and the length of his hard erection is painfully evident. Stolas shudders – his co*ck caresses over his feathers. Blitzø’s mouth breaks away from Stolas’ lips and travels down the curve of Stolas’ neck, licking and sucking him there for a while to draw out more of Stolas’ sensual moans. Blitzø can’t get enough of hearing it – he loves hearing him like this. He really loves servicing Stolas and driving him to the brink. He gets so much satisfaction from this. He loves it because it’s him – his sounds, his moans… everything that belongs to him is just so beautiful to Blitzø.

Moving further down, Blitzø buries his face into the fluffy domain of his chest. Blitzø loves it there – it feels so amazing, so soothing… his feathery body is just so perfect to relax against. Even more so when Blitzø makes him tremble with his kisses. They range from featherlight to sensual. Every time he lands a kiss to his skin, Blitzø can feel him gradually getting hotter. Stolas is becoming so much more sensitive. With nothing to occupy his mouth, Stolas moans aloud.

“Ah… ahh, Blitzø…” His name melts on his tongue. It sounds just as sweet.

Stolas only gets louder as Blitzø’s hands wander everywhere, drifting over the long length of Stolas’ legs and caressing his hips, stroking through the mess of his feathers that flare out from every soft touch. He does this for so long that it eventually becomes apparent how much Blitzø is taking his time in worshipping Stolas’ body. Before now, they’ve always rushed the foreplay and ran straight ahead to the main event. Now that he’s accepted his feelings for him, Blitzø allows himself to close the distance between them and enjoy Stolas completely. Blitzø closes his eyes as he focuses on covering every inch of him with soft touches and tender kisses.

The moment Stolas realises what he’s doing, Stolas covers his mouth with his hand… he’s overwhelmed by this incredible development. Stolas has never been treated like this. He’s never felt love like this. Tears threaten to escape. But Blitzø is relentless as he continues to praise Stolas’ body all over, leaving no part of him neglected.

Until, finally, Blitzø reaches Stolas’ lower half, and gently presses his lips to his entrance. Involuntarily, Stolas’ hips arch forward as a rush of excitement and pleasure runs through him. Blitzø has to curl his arms around Stolas’ legs and forcefully pin him down to the mattress before he can insert his long, snake-like tongue inside him.

As Blitzø begins to lap and flick his tongue deep inside, Stolas is utterly shocked by the strong pleasure that comes in waves.

“Ah! Ohh!!” He groans, surprise and bliss taking hold of him now. Stolas throws his arms up to grab on to the pillows, arching his back as much as Blitzø allows. The growing build-up in his core won’t let him stay still – it’s so very strong.

Blitzø watches Stolas unravel. He gets so much enjoyment out of this. And he tastes so f*cking good. Blitzø could go down on him for hours. He could honestly eat him all day. Blitzø’s fingers grip tight into Stolas’ skin, loving it even when Stolas squeezes his head with his thighs. There’s so much pleasure from this little pain. Blitzø’s co*ck reacts to it with a twitch. Stolas has no idea how much he drives Blitzø crazy, and he doesn’t even realise how easily he does it.

Then, he feels Stolas’ hands touch over Blitzø’s horns… and Blitzø pauses.

“I can’t… I can’t hold on much longer… Blitzø, please… put it in… I want to cum with you inside me.”

His sanity snaps. Blitzø removes his tongue, letting his wetness drip from the edges of his mouth, and grins with dark desire.

“...alright. You don’t feel as tight as before. I think you’re ready–”

“I want your big dick, Blitzø. C’mon, please~! f*ck me, Blitzø~!” Stolas begs, purposely elongating each word as he spreads his knees further apart.

Blitzø arches an eyebrow. He catches Stolas’ playful tone. He’s doing this knowing how much Blitzø likes it when he begs for it. He smirks, and a wicked thought passes: you’ve been trained well.

“Alright, alright. You know I can’t resist you when you’re being like this.” Blitzø says, grinning wide, already salivating at the mouth. He places himself between Stolas’ legs, taking the base of his co*ck and inching himself in position. “You’re so lewd and I f*cking love that about you.”

“You do?” Stolas bites his lip, excited and aroused. “That’s only because I want you so much. Just the thought of you gets me so hot, Blitzø… you don’t know how much you affect me. Blitzø… please… I want your dick in me… put it in and f*ck me hard…”

Not able to take much more of this, Blitzø takes hold of Stolas’ legs and bends them over his shoulders. Then, with swift movement, he enters Stolas with ease. Stolas gasps, immediately intoxicated by this feeling. The tip of Blitzø’s dick pushes up against an incredibly sensitive spot inside him.

“Oh! f*ck!!” Stolas cries out. His white pupils roll up to the top of his eyes.

Sweat drips off his edges as Blitzø pumps the entire length of himself inside, constantly hitting deep where it feels best. Stolas throws his arms around Blitzø’s body, clawing his fingers into his back and dragging his fingers down. He moans with so much pleasure building inside.

Blitzø takes hold of Stolas’ waist and swings against him. Ecstasy licks at his core. It takes so much concentration not to blow already, but Blitzø just feels so f*cking good inside him. It’s like Stolas was made for him. Stolas is wrapped around him so deliciously, stroking over his throbbing co*ck with every intense thrust. Their sexual chemistry has been explosive from the very beginning, and it’s only got better as time’s gone on. Sharp gasps leak from Blitzø’s throat. He can’t withhold how amazing this all feels.

“Jesus, f*ck– Stolas, ahh…!!” Blitzø groans, losing grip of his sanity as he keeps on pumping, on and on, harder and harder, faster and faster. Sweat flies off Blitzø’s face. He pounds into him mindlessly.

Suddenly, Stolas pulls him down. WIth the whole of Blitzø’s weight pressing over him now, only Blitzø’s hips move and grind into him. He doesn’t slow down at all. Nothing could interfere. Blitzø is a lump of desire.

However, it’s when Stolas lays a gentle palm over his face that Blitzø seemingly snaps back to reality. As lost as he feels to this insane pleasure, he’s conscious enough to focus his vision… and discovers Stolas is gazing so softly at him… so sweetly… even as drool drips from his chin, and his hair is a wild mess framed around his heart-shaped face… Stolas looks at him with so much emotion.

That’s when Blitzø acknowledges how intense this really is. This isn’t just f*cking anymore. There’s no more false pretence, no more need to establish a logical reason for why this is… it’s just the purest expression of love. Giving in to each other. Falling apart together. Unravelling, coming undone, frantic f*cking desperate need to be together. Being one. Love. Loving and giving and receiving. Loving so much and so hard that it hurts.

Stolas and Blitzø look into each other’s eyes. f*cking never felt so sweet. Their bodies never felt so attuned to each other. Their hearts crash excitedly against one another. This is more than anything they’d ever imagined. Something they never knew existed. This incredible, beautiful, earth-shattering feeling…


Stolas is on the edge of climaxing.

“I’m close… I’m close, Blitzø… oh f*ck, I love you… I love you, Blitzø…”

Pure, overwhelming emotion bursts from Blitz’s chest. It’s birthed from the deepest wells of his heart. Happiness. Fulfilment. Divine everlasting love making a permanent mark inside him. Stolas resides there now forever.

“Stolas…” Blitzø calls his name… his voice softer than it’s ever been before… his gaze steady and unwavering, “...agh, f*ck. f*ck! I love you…”

Saying it aloud for the second time cements it in reality. Stolas smiles so wide and breathes deeply, evoking a fluttering bout of ecstasy to roll through his body as it finally tips him over the edge.

“Yes… yes, yes… oh, please, yes… aaahhh! Aahhh!!” Stolas moans loudly, losing all sense of himself, and throws his head back against the pillows. He c*ms hard. His whole form is shuddering, pulsing over Blitzø’s co*ck as he releases everything. Simultaneously, Blitzø reaches climax. Their bodies erupt. Fireworks. A toe-curling org*sm wraps around them, and they ride the intense feeling as it takes hold of them both.

They hold each other close. Cum swells inside Stolas, squirting out from the rim of his entrance. So much of it drips from the base of Blitzø’s co*ck, pooling on to the bed, and neither of them care about the mess they make. They’re corrupted by blissful euphoria. They’re occupied by how sweet it is to feel like this in each other’s arms. That’s all that matters.

Blitzø lays across the length of Stolas’ body, resting his head right beside his. Their climax was so strong that the aftershocks of it linger for a while longer. It remains so incredibly present within that Blitzø is reluctant to take his co*ck out. He keeps it inside, just for a little bit. He doesn’t want to depart from him even physically.

In the aftermath and the afterglow, they feel so light. Completely at ease. They catch their breaths, letting their minds slowly drift from those blissful heights and finally become coherent once again. Their awareness returns, and their sense of selves come back to how they originally were.

Blitzø finally pulls out, but he doesn’t move away. This time it’s different. Usually, right after sex, they either initiate another round right away or start cleaning up. There’d be no need to stay any longer than necessary, and Blitzø always made it that clear. Blitzø’s excuse to maintain a distance was always to grab a cigarette, partly because smoking felt satisfying after sex, but he could also properly pry himself away and be by himself. However… right now, the desire to separate isn’t there at all. Stolas’ arms are too warm. His embrace is too inviting. Laying next to Stolas like this, wrapped up in each other… it just feels right.

Adjusting himself comfortably, Blitzø twists around and shifts closer into Stolas’ embrace. He nuzzles his head right into the crook of Stolas’ neck, burying his head into the softness of his chest… he loves it there so much. His tail searches around the bottom of the bed, and slowly coils around Stolas’ tail. Though Blitzø is so small in comparison, he finds it so easy to fit around him. They tangle together so perfectly, arms and legs intertwining amongst the messy bed sheets. Blitzø sighs audibly – feeling so content.

Stolas is blown away. His heart hammers in his chest. He’s never experienced Blitzø being so loving… it’s more than he could’ve ever hoped for. After all this time, spending so long just pining for his love, hoping so very much for it to be returned… finally, here it is. Everything he ever wanted. Stolas brings his hand up to stroke over Blitzø’s horns, pressing his cheek to the top of Blitzø’s head… as if the space between his two horns are suited ideally just for him.

Lying close to Blitzø like this takes him back to the days as a child when he used to cuddle up to his favourite imp plushies. He’s loved imps all his life, so he wonders – how could he have been so blind to the way they live until only recently?

While they stay like this, Stolas tightens his arms around Blitzø. He feels like he’s a precious treasure like this. Blitzø just means so much to him… so the thought of how hard his life has been tears him apart. Stolas wants to know more about him – he’s dreamed of having long, heartfelt conversations deep into the night with him – but Stolas hesitates. If Blitzø goes into horrific details, Stolas wouldn’t be able to stomach it. He’d despair over it, knowing there’s nothing he can do to protect him from the hurt.

And after everything that’s happened… there’s no promise that there won’t be an end to it.

Not wanting to avoid the truth anymore, Stolas finally speaks up.

“Blitzø… darling, um… I’ve been thinking…” He begins, his tone frail and low, “...well, it’s probably a little late in saying this, but I believe our… relationship isn’t much of a secret anymore. The truth about us is slowly gaining traction amongst the public.”

“Yeah. We were doing a pretty sh*tty job at hiding it.” Blitzø replies and he can’t help but laugh.

Stolas presses his lips together. He just can’t bring himself to find the humour in it. “That’s true. Now we have to face what that means for us… and what may lie ahead of us… I promised that I would protect you, Blitzø, and I intend on doing that. It’s just… well, I wonder… perhaps the best thing for us would be to… um, trial a short separation for a while…”

Immediately as he says this, Blitzø’s eyes fly wide open and his pupils shrink. All his light-heartedness shrivels away. Alarmed, he lifts himself up and squares his eyes right at Stolas. After meeting his solemn gaze, Blitzø can tell he’s being serious.


“I don’t… I don’t want to think about it, but… maybe it would be safer to keep our distance. Just for a short time while we wait for things to calm down–”

Suddenly, Stolas is interrupted by Blitzø lightly pinching his cheek. He pulls at it as if his face was made of dough. Stolas squawks in surprise.

“Augh! Blitzø–!”

“If you keep talking like that, I’ll get angry for real next time.” Blitzø warns with a disgruntled pout. Stolas rubs his cheek while Blitzø pulls himself up, propping his head up by his elbow against the pillow and laying at eye-level with Stolas. For a moment, he’s silent, letting the tension in the air settle a little.

Then, without hesitation, Blitzø tells him, “Look, Stolas. It’s too late to think about walking away from this now, even just temporarily. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take. I’ve spent way too long believing that I didn’t deserve to be with anyone until you convinced me that I did. Okay? This goes… beyond what we gave each other when we were just f*ck buddies. You make me feel like I’m worth something. Don’t you get it? You do that… and I’m not willing to give you up that easily. Not when I know what it’ll do to me if I lose you.”

Stolas sharply inhales. He’s stunned.

As Stolas blinks hard, he feels a bout of emotions rising to the surface of his chest. Tears threaten to spring forth, but he manages to swallow them down. Blitzø is so blunt and steadfast in his words… so honest with how he feels… when he looks into Blitzø’s eyes, he sees how much his pupils tremble, and he knows Blitzø means everything he says. His words pierce through him like an arrow in his heart.

Though his bottom lip quivers, Stolas somehow stops himself from crying. With equal sincerity, he softly replies, “...oh. I love you, Blitzø. That’s why I’m not willing to give up on you either. I’ll do anything and everything within my power to hold on to you… that much I’m certain. You just make me so happy, Blitzø… my darling…”

He reaches out, lightly stroking the side of Blitzø’s face. Though Blitzø’s shoulders lower, and Stolas can see how his body relaxes from his touch, his expression is still determined – fiercely dedicated to protect this space they’ve created.

Stolas continues, “You know… despite how dangerous and foolish as it was… I’ve always been okay with everyone knowing about us. I never liked having to hide you away… it didn’t feel right. I’ve never been ashamed of this… of what we are… how could I ever when nothing else in my life has ever made me feel like this? Being with you… it just makes so much sense. So I don’t care if everyone knows. In fact, I rather like the idea of shouting around everywhere that you’re… um, y-you’re mine and I’m yours… maybe I should buy a megaphone? I’ll roam the streets of Pride, disturbing the peace, yelling at everyone until every single demon in Hell knows about us–”

“Oh yeah? Well then maybe I should rent out an ad. Plaster it on billboards and put it in newspapers. I’ll tell them to put it on page two, ahead of all the headliners. That’ll get everyone’s attention…” Blitzø adds playfully, grinning as his hands weave through Stolas’ fingers.

Stolas laughs… he laughs so gorgeously. Blitzø’s smile softens as Stolas’ laughter chimes like bells, and he looks at Stolas as if he is the most beautiful thing in the world.

After he calms with a contented sigh, Stolas smiles so gently back to him. “Yes… that’s what we’ll do. I’ll tell the whole world about us. I’ll never hold back from living proudly with you… my love… because there’s nothing they can do that’ll keep me apart from you. Nothing… I belong here… right here with you…”

Cementing the sentiment, Stolas pulls Blitzø into his embrace, and seamlessly, Blitzø fits into his arms. This affection – though new and unfamiliar for them both – just happens so naturally, as if it had been withheld inside them all this time. All they needed is permission… and the promise that it won’t hurt to express it.

They hold each other like this for a long while. Time passes, but neither of them notice. Time is irrelevant. All that matters is that they’re together, presently indulging in this space just for them. Holding on to this feeling for as long as possible.

Loving deeply and revelling in it.

On the morning of another ordinary workday, Loona waits in the passenger seat of his van as Blitzø runs inside a small independent coffee shop to pick up drinks for his employees. He figures he needs to start repaying them for picking up extra work while Blitzø has been absent. They’ve all been working hard to keep the business afloat, which meant they had to take the brunt of dealing with difficult Goetia as well as off-the-record clients. Blitzø wants his employees to know that their dedication to the job hasn’t gone unnoticed.

While he walks through the doors of the coffeeshop, Blitzø’s phone rings from his pocket. His eyes brighten up when he reads Stolas’ name displayed on screen. This new thing happens where his heart does a little excited flip whenever Stolas calls. It hasn’t missed a single time.

As Blitzø enters the queue to the counter, he answers the call.


“Good morning, my dear~!” Stolas sings in his beautiful voice. It hits Blitzø just right. “How are you today? Did you sleep well?”

“Ah, I fell asleep on the couch again last night so I’ve kinda f*cked up my back. Couldn’t stop watching my favourite show again… I thought I’d stop watching after a couple episodes but then I ended up binge-watching a whole f*cking season until I passed out.”

“Oh, Blitzø, you know you’ve got to stop doing that! I remember how uncomfortable those cushions are… you’ll just hurt yourself if you keep sleeping on it!”

“I know, I know.” Blitzø says, shuffling down the line and rolling his eyes. “Anyway, how are ya? You got a sh*t ton of work to do again today?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Honestly, it’s the paperwork that’s driving me crazy! It just seems like it’s never-ending.”

“You do all that sh*t yourself? I just pass all our paperwork off to Moxxie. He likes doing all that pencil-pushing for me all the time.”

“He enjoys doing paperwork?”

“Oh, well, he’s never said he likes it out loud, but I’m sure he does! I mean, he hasn’t said that he doesn’t like it.”

“C’mon now, Blitzø. I know you. I know you’re the kind of person who can tell when someone doesn’t enjoy something… you’ve always been such an attentive lover to me, so I know this for a fact.”

Blitzø is all flustered as he almost reaches the counter.

“O-Oh, yeah? I-I mean, yeah, I have to pay extra close attention to you in those circ*mstances. The kinda sh*t we do involves a lot of trust, y’know?”

“Oh I know. I’ve always had a lot of trust in you. Right from the start. Do you remember? When we met? You told me to trust you with my grimoire and I did… I still do. You’ve always been someone I could have faith in, and you’ve never let me down. Not once.”

Stolas’ sincerity is too much. A visible blush comes over Blitzø’s face as he’s rendered speechless by it.

When he finally reaches the counter, he tells Stolas to hold for a moment as he tells the barista his order. After handing over payment, Blitzø steps aside to wait. His face still feels hot as he returns to the call.

“...I’m back.”

“Ah, am I in the way? I can call you later…”

“Nah, I’m just ordering coffee. This’ll just have to be a quick call, though. Loona’s waiting for me in the van.”

“I see. Alright…” Stolas says, unable to hide his disappointment. His voice is evident with longing, softly murmuring, “...I miss you.”

“...yeah. Yeah, me too.” Blitzø replies instinctually, sincerely meaning it.

“Will you come over tonight?”

“Sure. It’ll be pretty late, we got a lot of client requests to get through today, but I’ll be there.”

“Okay. I’m looking forward to it. Lately I’ve been thinking of what else we can do that we haven’t tried yet. Well, no matter what we end up doing, I can just place my trust in you, right?”

“Of course. But what’re you doing thinking about that kinda stuff when you should be concentrating on work? Are you slacking off?”

“Oh, uh… w-well, I guess I am a little bit–”

“Be a good boy, Stolas. Do your work or you’ll be in big trouble.”

Blitzø is so caught up in the lewd direction of their conversation that, for a moment, he forgets he’s out in public. Two female imps standing right beside him steal a glance, especially after Blitzø mentions Stolas’ name. That’s when Blitzø notices he caught their attention.

“Alright, since you told me to be good, I’ll do what you say… but just so you know, getting into trouble and getting punished by you does sound rather tempting~!”

“Don’t start putting ideas into my head right now! The day’s only just started and I gotta wait until tonight before I can come over to you! Do you know how f*cking hard it is to do my job if I’m thinking about all the things I wanna do to you?”

“Ohh! Tell me, Blitzø… what d’you want to do to me?”

“Agh– no, no! You’re just gonna have to wait–!”

“Oh, c’mon… tell me, please? I want to know…”

“You’re making it really f*cking difficult for me to not go crazy right now–”

“Well, just so you know… I’m not wearing any underwear–”

Blitzø hangs up the call.

For his own sanity, he absolutely could not let Stolas go any further. For the sake of his company, and to quell the raging desire to stop by Stolas’ palace to f*ck his brains out, Blitzø had to end things right then and there. Blitzø would not be able to function normally if he had to work with so much pent-up sexual frustration inside.

The corners of Blitzø’s mouth twitches – Stolas knew what he was doing, but he kept on teasing him anyway. He really does drive him insane… in all the best ways. It was such a short conversation, but that small exchange was all Blitzø needed to start his day off right. Suddenly there’s a bounce in his step. Blitzø’s spirits are immediately lifted.

The barista calls his name and Blitzø returns to the counter to pick up the drinks.

“Thanks so much! Hey, have a great day, alright?” He says, feeling incredibly upbeat.

“Oh, thank you! You too!”

Blitzø turns to exit the coffeeshop… but then he peers to the side and notices how blatant the two women whisper to each other as they point and stare in his direction. They’re doing a bad job at hiding that they’re gossiping about him. At first, Blitzø pays them no mind. He’s in too much of a good mood to let them affect him.

But then it finally occurs to Blitzø that they must have recognised him. Especially since they must’ve connected that Blitzø was just on the phone to Stolas, the prince of the Ars Goetia.

That’s when the severity of the situation suddenly drops.

By the afternoon, Blitzø is just finishing up with a backdoor client – a young imp in his twenties with a bad posture, wearing co*ke-bottle glasses and an oversized hoodie. This client has been a little unpredictable and tactless, so Blitzø is quick to try and get this one done and out of the office. But he’s lingering around and stalling with payment, and Blitzø is losing his patience.

He’s been especially irritable since his mind has been occupied with troubling thoughts. He can’t get those two women out of his head. The more he dwells on it, the more exaggerated he remembers them – from his perspective, they had blatant judgemental looks and disgusted frowns. Blitzø is certain that they weren’t saying anything flattering. It bothered him more than he cared to admit.

He didn’t care what they said about him… rather, he was more concerned with what they might’ve been saying about Stolas.

Blitzø wonders if it’d be best to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to the news. Stolas will surely catch most of the spotlight since his name and reputation is more known amongst Hell’s population, and Blitzø wants to be more aware of what’s being reported about him. He decides that he’ll just bring this up when he visits Stolas later. They can talk it through together.

Just as Blitzø is deep in thought, the young client suddenly perches on the edge of Blitzø’s desk. He’s still slowly rifling through the wad of cash that he owes him. While doing this, brazenly, he speaks his mind.

“So, what’s up with you and the prince?”

“The f*ck d’you mean?” Blitzø grimaces, obviously getting more pissed off.

Still, the young imp carelessly continues. “Come on. You know what I mean. Here, I saw this clip of you guys together on this website… have a look.”

Blitzø squints his eyes as the client pulls out his phone and shows him a shaky amateur video recording. As the focus sharpens, Stolas and Blitzø are seen clearly at the centre of the scene… walking closely side by side at Lu Lu World. Blitzø is surprised – rumours must’ve already been circulating for someone to follow them around that day.

Regardless, Blitzø remains nonchalant as ever.

“Doesn’t mean anything. I was there on a job that day.”

“A job? Really? Looks a little more friendly than that, don’t you think?” The client comments, arching an eyebrow. Blitzø can’t stand this guy’s bloated ego to be speaking to him like that, but he’s on high alert right now. He’s careful with his words, and opts to remain calm despite how hot his blood is boiling. The client snidely remarks, “You guys must be pretty close to be hanging out like that. Hey, I’ll pay you extra if you can get me in on any favours with the Goetia too. What’d you say? I’ll give you double what I owe you–”

“We’re not that kind of service, kid.” Blitzø shoots him down quickly before his temper gets the best of him. “Besides, just because I’m friendly with one Goeta doesn’t mean I’m in with the rest of those blue-blood assholes. Stolas is just… he’s different.”

“Oh, is that right? What’s your relationship to him then?”

Blitzø’s mouth hangs open, but he hesitates. His first instinct is to deny everything. That’s what he’s been conditioned to do this entire time.

But now… things have changed so much. He remembers their conversation, and Stolas’ voice echo back to him:

“...I’ve always been okay with everyone knowing about us…”

Blitzø wonders… is it really okay? Would it actually be alright if he’s honest about the two of them? Living authentically is a privilege only for those that already fit the mould. Even Hell upholds certain societal norms. It’ll be a difficult path to walk to go against the tide…

But, even so, this is the path he chooses. And being with Stolas makes it all worth it.

Finding no more reason to deny it, Blitzø finally replies.

“Alright, if you really wanna know… we’re dating.”

“Wait… what? Really?”

“Yeah, f*ckface. Don’t act so f*cking surprised when you were the one insinuating it in the first place. Why even make it into such a big f*cking deal if you’re not gonna believe it?”

“I… I was just f*cking with you, I didn’t think you’d actually, like… tell me anything.”

“Yeah, well, now you know. It’s true.” Blitzø confirms. Having gone this far already, Blitzø pushes it further, “He’s… he’s my boyfriend, I… guess…”

Saying this out loud to a stranger makes it a lot easier to admit. Still, the weight of that word falls heavy on him now. It feels weird to refer to Stolas in such a way, and it feels foreign to even think about. They haven’t even established what they are to each other, but it’s pretty clear without having to confirm it. They didn’t need to. They know how they feel… they know the true extent of what they are to each other…

Which is why it doesn’t bother Blitzø at all when the young imp starts laughing callously. Blitzø truly doesn’t give a f*ck. He doesn’t have to prove what they are to him, or to anyone. He’s unshaken and secure, even in the face of mockery.

The young imp breathes as his laughter dies down. “Okay… okay, whatever, man. Thanks for the free entertainment. Oh, and for killing my guy, I guess.” He says, and finally throws his payment onto Blitzø’s desk. “Here. You earned it, buddy. Now go and buy your boyfriend something nice.”

“Alright, chucklef*ck. Out you go!”

The moment Blitzø opens the hidden door behind the bookcase in his office, Blitzø aggressively grabs the client by the arm and throws him down the stairs.

The client trips and falls, descending down the flight of stairs uncontrollably. Blitzø derives so much satisfaction from the sound of him screaming in pain upon impact as he hits every single step on the way down.

He doesn’t shut the bookcase fully until the boy eventually reaches the bottom.

Chained in Hellfire - Chapter 12 - OurLadyGrem (2024)


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