18 Unexpected Perks Of Having A Baby Face, Aside From Being "Thankful When We're Older" (2024)

Recently, a college girlfriend and I escaped to the coast for a hedonistic beach weekend, full of chilling and totally void of BS. It was truly a ball, highlighted by the repeat jaw-dropping we experienced when swinging by sandy little dives. I'm almost 28, she's barely 31—yet the carding process and ensuing scrutiny we ran into was palpable. Not many readily believed our age-earned right to guzzle adult smoothies in various bungalows legally. When older people offer, "You'll appreciate it when you're 40!" it offers little consolation. There are struggles of looking younger than you are, but it doesn't end there. Some serious unexpected benefits of having a baby face also exist, and they are honestly way worth the carding Olympics.

As far as I'm concerned, you kinda get the face and body you were dealt. Of course, you have other options via plastic surgery or makeup tricks or padded bras, but I spent a long period of middle school accepting my baby face and flat chest. Like, it's chill now. This is me, so I might as well focus on the upsides of various physical attributes. And if this is you, too, then you're lucky, because I did all the legwork for accepting our young faces for us. Here are some less obvious perks of having a baby face:

You're more likely to get away with stuff

Science tells us big eyes, short noses, and other features classically attributed with baby faces makes a person seem more innocent. Speeding tickets be damned!

It's easier to get out of trouble

How many times did I get out of a pickle in the service industry by simply looking young? Way more than I should be allowed, honestly. When conflict builds, it's super easy to shrug and be all, "I don't make the rules." Whether or not that's true, it's believable enough usually to chill the situation to a manageable status.

You can prank creepers

Recently I sat at a bar solo while waiting for a friend. A dude, probably around 30 or 35, sidled up to me and made mindless chit chat. I really didn't feel up for the pointless convo so I leaned in and whispered, "So you buy it?" He looked confused. "Buy what?" I continued: "Do I look old enough to be allowed in here? Like, I know getting cigarettes is kinda easy but alcohol? Ugh. I hope this works for prom!" I smiled and he literally ran. To be fair, I could see this panning out in an opposite manner, but when it works, it's pretty fun.

People assume you're friendly

This could be a perk or a drag, pending your outlook (I personally vacillate). The same study as above suggests a young-looking face projects friendliness. Even if you hate people, this could certainly work in your favor in most IRL customer service interactions.

...and straight-laced

Booze, cigarettes, and other vices take a major toll on face skin. Usually. Not in your case, LOL. But y'know, enjoy the automatic innocent pass others will grant you since your face shows no signs of partying past or present.

You're allowed more immature freebies than others

I found no psychological backing up of this statement. But it seems reasonable that if people are more ready to forgive a baby face for stuff like losing your temper or getting a bit too sloshed or hanging with a tattooed stranger called Alien, that forgiveness could transfer into acting the age you look. As long as you don't get too zealous here, this can be a real blessing.

You can shop the kids' section sans judgement

If you have a petite frame to match your baby face, you can save dollars shopping for basics in children sizes. I mean, the little boy Vans and little boy American Apparel clothing are exactly the same products as the adult section, just much cheaper.

You're more likely to automatically get a straw at restaurants

Buh-buh-booonus. Although sadly, it's a myth drinking from a straw makes you drunk faster, it's very true drinking from a straw is plain more fun.

You can date younger

I mean, anyone can, duh. But this way any age gaps when dating younger are less immediately obvious, and nosy people won't be pestering you with questions about it.

It's easier to impress people with smarts and other talents

While a prowess for verbal sparing at age 27 might be respected, when you look 20, it's astounding. Any sort of talent looks more prodigal when it's a baby face doing or saying it.

You can save money on age-defying products

Because your face goes right ahead and defies age without even asking. These products are basically useless to folks with youthful looks. Once while cat-sitting, I tested a slightly older friend's eye cream. Sadly, I did not wake up looking 17—just the normal 20-ish I typically appear.

You probably have lower blood pressure

Studies claim at least younger looking women tend to have low blood pressure. Wild, but I'll take it.

You might live longer

And look younger than your reality for all of it! Seriously, lower blood pressure lends to longer lifespans and less gross/scary health issues.

You'll get less guff for remaining single and/or childless

Even if folks knows your true age, those big ole eyes and smooth face skin will help them forget long enough to let your single and/or childless status fly without serious questioning.

It's not weird! It's ADORABLE!

If you looked your age, you'd surely have less fans of that kitten paws club dance routine.


These babies add up, and some galleries/stores/services completely waive fees if you're "a student." If you hung onto your college ID, prepare to enjoy university price cuts until you start flirting with 40. Even if you lost yours (or were mugged—hi), some employees might let you slide. After all, ain't you so innocent and friendly?

You have the ability to go successfully undercover in a high school as a student to pull off some truly top-notch investigative journalism while also seducing some hot, hockey-obsessed lit teacher (Please note: It helps if you have a similarly-baby faced brother)

Hey, it's an option. I guess.

Your questionable love for pop music is under less scrutiny

Where do baby faced folks blend best? A Taylor Swift concert, that's where. And that's a beautiful thing, applying also to reading young adult fiction in public...What?

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18 Unexpected Perks Of Having A Baby Face, Aside From Being "Thankful When We're Older" (2024)
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